Let’s polish your publications to perfection!

You have important things to say. You’re an author, a professional, a student, a blogger, or a businessperson and you need to communicate clearly in error-free English. You have great ideas, but no matter how many times you read over your work, you always miss a typo here and there, or some picky grammatical error detracts from your message. Or perhaps there are some sentences that just don’t flow as you wish, but you’re not sure how to fix them. It’s okay! That’s why I’m here!

I’m a language nerd who truly enjoys slapping those annoying syntax mosquitoes. Yes, I actually read grammar books and dictionaries for fun — I’m one of those people! With my help, your writing will be clear, correct, and in conformance to the style guide of your choice. You’ll impart your message with dexterity and ditch the linguistic distractions that trip up fastidious readers (like me!).

You’re proud of your work already. I’ll help you be proud of your professional presentation as well. Please contact me and let’s talk!