Typo Tuesday, Week 2!

Welcome back to another edition of Typo Tuesday! I have a long Word document full of typo screenshots I’ve taken recently, but today’s post comes indirectly from a comment I received on yesterday’s post. The comment was about the ubiquitous misuse of the word “literally,” and in finding an article to add to my response, I came across not one, not two, but three typos in a small section of the article I found.

Keep in mind, I only skimmed the article, so there may be even more errors I didn’t notice — and there probably are more errors to find if I was able to find three in just a small area. I took a screenshot of the section where the first typo popped out at me, and in the process of cropping the picture, I noticed two more! Can you find them? I’ll post the original screenshot and then the same shot with boxes around the typos. Here we go…