Editing & Proofreading Services

I’m happy to offer editing and proofreading services to professionals, authors, students, businesses, and researchers. I offer three levels of assistance:

1. Proofreading — Checking for typos, punctuation errors and grammatical errors. This service is for documents that have already been edited and are almost ready for publication. No major changes are needed — just that last bit of polish.

2. Copyediting — Helping with word choice, sentence structure, clarity of meaning, plus the proofreading services above. This service is for documents that are in good shape but could use a bit of help to look more professional.

3. Heavy Editing — Also called “developmental editing,” this service is for documents that need more help, such as significant rewriting of many sentences. It includes copyediting and proofreading services as well.

Not sure which service you need? Contact me and send a sample of your writing (or the whole document, if you prefer — your privacy is my priority). I’ll help you decide which level of assistance would be most effective for your writing. I’ll even edit one page (250 words) for free so you can see how I help!

Price List:

1. Proofreading: $3/page

2. Copyediting: $5/page

3. Heavy Editing: $10/page

*All prices are in USD. A page equals 250 words. Payment is through Paypal (you can use your credit card to pay through Paypal).

Please email me at elhediting@gmail.com for more information, or fill out the form below.

Thank you!